cue-works vault



These mini-albums are a compilation of arrangements of prototype pieces and pieces that were produced under the name cue-works but never had a chance to be released.
Although the songs were created at different times, we have modified them in various ways to make them as consistent as possible at the time of release.
We hope you enjoy the individuality of each song.

PS4G (2019)
paradigm 4b (2016)


Ambient, Chillout, Downtempoといった心が穏やかになるようなサウンドを標榜するユニット。


The unit concept is making the calming sounds of Ambient, Chillout, and Downtempo.
The sound is melodious and organic in its tendencies, with a droning, textural approach at times.

magic hour (2019)
Just Be There (2017)
Crystal Grains (2016)


Vocal: yoshikoとのユニット。共に作詞作曲を手がけ「イメージを刺激するサウンド」をテーマに制作された楽曲は、オーストラリアのレーベルが企画した “Japanese Sounds Compilation” アルバム1曲目に選ばれるなど、各方面からの高い評価を得ている。

A unit with female vocalist yoshiko.
Both of them wrote the lyrics and composed the music under the theme of “image-stimulating sound”, which was selected as the first track of the “Japanese Sounds Compilation” album planned by an Australian label, and has received high acclaim from various fields.

ambivalence (2015)
world goes around (2012)
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night and day (2009)
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